Mission Statement

Cars.. Not just any cars but classic hot rods, kustoms, lowriders…. American made muscle..  and then there are the girls..  The Pinup Era is an iconic lifestyle for some of us… an artform…  A means of what used to define a woman as sexy. And then tie it all together with the music of the yesteryears and the hardcore of today.

Dead Rodz Revival has a mission,  to bring all of this under one roof, and bring it all to the limelight… This isn’t a west coast style.. it’s a world of its own. One that we are making known and adding our own East Coast Flare too. We plan on offering you the best in clothing,  accessories,  events and music.  Maybe even our own little swap-meet network for our hot rodders / car enthusiast. For us here at Dead Rodz,  this isn’t about fashion or fadz.. it’s the Revival of a lifestyle.

Have an event or an idea?? Email us at [email protected]

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