September 2014 Dead Rodz Doll Winner !

Introducing the first ever Dead Rodz Doll…


Irene Bomber !!!


I am a 52 year old mother of 3 from Long Island, NY.  My love for old cars started in my Fathers garage watching him restore his 37 Cord and 1913 model T. I am married to my original husband for 28 years. I met Joey in 1981 while he was building his 57 Chevy, he was the only boy I ever met who knew more about cars than me. I enjoyed many years as his passenger.  I got my motorcycle license when I was 33. Bought my ’63 Ford Falcon Sprint in 2001, Joey restored it, I assisted. My life revolves around vintage cars and the cool people in the scene.  I drove my Falcon 4500 miles this past summer to car events and parties. My love for vintage clothing, shoes, furniture etc, started at a young age. I am a very proud member of the Boulevard Bombers Car Club. We are family and friends.
Hot Rodding…’s not just for weekends


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