October 2014 Dead Rodz Doll Winner !

Say hello to October Dead Rodz Doll . . .Brianne Olsson !!!


Born and raised in Bay Ridge Brooklyn I spent most of my summers (and high school days) only a few stops on the 86st “El” in Coney Island…  It’s where I got my first glimpse of the culture, and history that has stuck with me and inspired me…  A little after graduating From New Utrecht High School (The actual school from the Welcome Back Kotter Theme!! LOL) I moved 15 minutes from Woodstock to the beautiful, and also inspiring Hudson Valley.  After a bit of culture shock, I found a wonderful home with a great community of inspiring people, with a continuously growing arts and music scene. I sling drinks at the family bar, which is awesome  I now dabble in a bit of everything.. I love to book my buddies’ bands from all over the country, host my couches to crash, and meet back up with them at my favorite culture influenced Rod weekenders (Special mention to my favorites Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston Salem NC, Return to the Milltown Custom Car and Rock n Roll Weekender in Massachusetts, and my two “Home” shows, The Rust Riot, and Rat’s Nest Run In in the Hudson Valley.) throughout the year, and my love of Pin Up has always been with me, especially when I was told at a young age I was related to the ever lovely Miss Ann Margaret!!!


 Meeting all of these interesting, talented, inspiring people motivated me to live the way they do…  working harder than most just to be able to do what you love…   Anything Goes Vinyl is a small craft business I started in May 2013 … AGV uses strictly used, warped, scratched, virtually unplayable, records and used musical equipment and turns them into repurposed, functional rock ’n’ roll inspired gifts for your home or body! My specialties include (but are not limited to) custom-order record album purses, frames, jewelry, clocks, tables, trays, etc. Really, anything goes! I just really love getting down with some great tunes and power tolls to make cool stuff!!


Thanks for the opportunity to have some great fun with what I do…  <3


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  1. Frederick Duffus November 14, 2014 at 9:33 pm #

    You are awesome babe

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