Dead Rodz Dolls October 2014

If the October contest is anything like the September one, I may have a heart attack! A mere 2 votes separated the top two gals. Unbelievable I tell yah…

This will be a monthly contest all in the name of fun and to help the gals get their name out there! Winner will be selected by popular vote and a sweet Dead Rodz prize package will be heading there way.

You don’t need to be signed up or registered to vote! We will do out best to stamp out any cheating but please, how about you try your best to not cheat ?!?!? Votes are logged by IP address and other means.


If you or someone you know would like to enter a future contest, send an email to deadrodzrevival (at), subject Dead Rodz Dollz.


Onto the contest !!! Voting ends Friday October 31st (ohhh spooky!) at midnight EST…

Clicking on any picture will open the gallery. You need to vote in the poll below the pic gallery !!! Comments DO NOT COUNT (but are appreciated) !!!



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