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Chevrolet On The Move rear cover

Vinyl and Vehicles – On The Move

On The Move ; The Chevrolet ’70s What do Dionne Warwick, Glen Campbell and Burt Bacharach have in common? If you said they were 3 of the biggest names in music throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and into the 80s you would only be partially correct. These three in fact were on a compilation album […]

wreckhouse radio

Vinyl and Vehicles – Wreckhouse Radio 119 All About Cadillacs

Wreckhouse Radio 119 – Vinyl and Vehicles So I did a thing. Well, I used to do a thing that I don’t do anymore but I am posting that thing again. Now. Way back when I ran the site Subculture Collective which eventually turned to RadiobillyFM. As you know RadiobillyFM is now part of the […]

Metallica Black Album 25 Year Anniversary

Vinyl and Vehicles – Metallica Black Album 25 Year Anniversary

Metallica Black Album 25 Year Anniversary Do you remember where you were on August 12th, 1991? No? Well neither do I. I do however remember where I was the week before that. My mullet and myself hopped into my 75 Camaro and took a drive to our local record store, Mickey’s Music. Tuesdays was always the […]


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