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piston grease pomade

Stolen Pomade

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Pomade and Women, nothing is sacred Sorry Guys! We steal your shaving cream, your shirts, your aftershave (yes ladies.. best fix for that razorburn in that sensitive area or even prevent it)… But now…. We are going to steal your pomade! Dead Rodz recently had a home brew pomade made by Big Slick Pomade. We […]


Teddys, Stockings and Heels…OH MY!!!

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PIN UP…. PIN UP STYLE…. PIN UP POSES…. PIN UP MODEL…. Everything just sexified. You guessed it….. It’s all about THAT girl. The one’s that have that certain look, certain flare. The NO HOLDS BARRED, DON’T GIVE A SHIT ATTITUDE, and still pull off sweet innocent and sexy. It’s all about the curves, the sleekness, […]

vintage hoodie image

You wanted the hoodie

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But can you handle the hoodie? Of course you can. You’re a good egg that’s why.   We are offering up two different style hoodies this time around. An informal poll on the book of faces told us that while the majority wanted pullovers, there was a small but vocal group that liked their zip […]


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