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1959 Thunderbird Michgan Barn Find

Michigan Barn Find – Double Your Fun

Michigan Barn Find ! What would you do, if you were just sitting around your office and you receive a call about a family wanting to sell off some of their late father’s car collection? Then what would you think when you find out there is not one barn full of cars, but two ! Well […]

Gerald Chartier 1968 Chevelle SS

Bring It Home – 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Stolen In what is becoming an all too common theme, we are featuring another classic car that was stolen sometime after a car show ended. Actually this is only 1 of 9 stolen that weekend all of whom attended the same car show! It is worth noting that the cars were not actually […]

Eric Worth 1969 Camaro

Bring It Home – 69 Camaro SS from Louisville,KY

69 Camaro SS Stolen Well here we are again. Another car show, another classic stolen. This one happened during the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on August 5th, 2016. It’s with a very heavy heart that I’m writing this post. What started out as a great weekend trip down south to the NSRA nationals in […]

davey russell 1964 chevelle ss

Bring It Home – 1964 Chevelle SS

1964 Chevelle SS It sucks anytime a car is stolen from someone. It sucks even more when that person has worked and given their whole life for that car. This was brought to our attention today on Facebook (; Just found out that last night my dad’s 64 Chevelle SS was stolen after the car […]

chrysler ad

Classic Cars on the Cheap

Classic Cars on the Cheap The good folks over at Roadikill – Automotive Chaos Theory posted an interesting article yesterday. Entitled “Eight Classic Cars You Can Buy With Summer Job Cash“, they go on to list some classic car options for purchase on a budget between $2,000 – $ 4,000, that are drivable from the get go. […]

1957 Ford Thunderbird Battle Bird

When A Good Day Turns Bad – Battlebird

1957 Ford Thunderbird Battlebird For the most part, car shows, cruises, or whatever you want to call them, are relatively drama and incident free. Yet, every now and then the evil side of the hobby rears it’s ugly head. This was evident in a post I found on Facebook today. The Old Time Drags at […]

1972 chrysler town and country

1972 Chrysler Town & Country Station Wagon- Original Survivor!

1972 Chrysler Town and Country     It’s Wagon Wednesday and I found this beauty and beast on Craigslist here in NJ. This 9 passenger car comes with a 400ci and 3 speed automatic transmission. Seems like it would be more than able to carry 9 people and a camper…maybe even 2! The owner goes […]

1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88

SOPLYMD – 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Social Order for the Preservation of Land Yachts and More Doors – 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 There are times when I am at a loss for words. Doesn’t happen too often, but it does. This is one of those times. I can guaran-damn-tee you that you’ll never see another car like this ever. EVER! Kudos […]

1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

SOPLYMD – 1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery

This week’s Social Order for the Preservation of Land Yachts and More Doors brings to you Chuck’s 1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery ! You know and I know that the late 40s Chevy Sedan Delivery are bad ass. So bad ass that Chevrolet used them, as well as their Chevy Suburban, as part of the inspiration […]


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