Pin Up Contest

Big Mother FlyING Car Show 2 on 2 Pin Up Contest host by Renee from Slapback !

The pin up contest will take place at 12pm in the large tent !

Entrants should be on site by 10:30 – 11am to “promote for vote” and do meet and greets with cars.

We are accepting registrations until March 26th online (Submit the form below). There will be day of registrations as well. All registrations will be combed over and potential participants notified via email.

Fernanda Gambirazi aka Miss Fay D’Ville of Brooklyn Pinups and Sourpuss Clothing will be presenting your crown!

1st Prize:
Photo Shoot with Daring Dames Photography for submission to Delicious Dolls
Promo Shoot with Lucy La Riot
$50 Gift Certificate to SlapBack
10% off to Brooklyn Pin Up School

Runner up
Gift bag from Dirty Dolls Lingerie
10% off to Brooklyn Pin Up School
$25 Gift Certificate to SlapBack

3rd Place
Goody Bag from
Retro Kitten Designs and SlapBack

Pin-up attire only please! Keep it classy not trashy. Come prepared as there may be bathrooms on site, but no dressing rooms!!! No MUAH is provided by Dead Rodz Revival, it’s affiliates or show sponsors, unless otherwise noted.

1) All contestants MUST be 18 and over. This is a family event first and foremost! Please no stripping, nudity or foul language while engaged in the competition.

2) Each participant must be a paid attendee of the Big Mother FlyING Car Show

3) Each contestant will need to submit at least one hi-res (300 dpi) photo that will be displayed in various forms for show promotion. You may submit the photo in advance by emailing it to [email protected].com with your name and contact info. Photos may not contain nudity.

4) It is the contestant’s responsibility to ensure no images you submit constitute copyright infringement and that they can be used without issue on the Dead Rodz Revival website and any/all related social networks. Please acknowledge your photographer, MUA, and anyone else that had an important part in the photo, and if necessary please provide release form as needed.

5) Winners must be available for at least 45 minutes immediately following the contest for Dead Rodz Revival winner photos.

6) Your image (as a contestant or title winner) can and will be used in promotional materials in association with Dead Rodz Revival and related entities.

7) Rules and judging criteria are subject to change at the discretion of Dead Rodz Revival management.

8) Participants must fill out a contest registration form and either mail or email form to Dead Rodz Revival to complete registration. Copy of registration and ID will be needed day of contest.

9) Judging will be based on Authenticity, Originality, Overall Styling Presentation, Crowd Appeal, Stage Presence and other intangibles.

10) Dead Rodz Revival reserves the right to refuse, without notice, any entries due to misconduct or dress code violation.

11) It will be up to the winner to make whatever appointments/contacts are needed to fulfill the photo shoot that comes with the 1st place prize. Dead Rodz Revival is not privy to any information, nor are they to be held liable if photoshoot does not happen for any reason.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please contact Dead Rodz Revival at [email protected] or call us at 609-857-1159.


The Dead Rodz Revival Staff


Download the registration form at this link. Mail or email it back to us completed;

Pin Up Registration Form

Sponsored By;

slap back




daring dames photography





lucy la riot




brooklyn pin up school




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retro kitten designs

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  1. Babydollxoxoxox February 17, 2015 at 11:22 am #

    Wished I lived in NJ with you all…..
    I would be a great rep. even all the way from New Mexico I support you all.

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