Big Mother FlyING Car Show – The Pictures

So the first one is in the books, now it’s on to bigger and badder things! To say the first ever Big Mother FlyING Car Show was a success is an understatement. You never know what’s going to happen until it actually does and well, it was awesome!

To those of you who were there and didn’t let a little wind hold you back on an otherwise awesome day weather wise, THANK YOU! But to those who did not come out, you only have pictures to oogle at…you won’t be able to tell your grandkids tales of a car show, at an airport…exhaust fumes in the air…cars as far as the eye could see…awesome people all around you…great vendors and sponsors plus the wind in your hair. Lots and lots of wind in your hair and everywhere else!

As more photos come in they wil be added. . .thanks for sending them our way!


Eric Kramer


John McCartney

Glynnis Jones


Alex Culver


Brian Hughes Photography


John Beeler


John Gallagher


Melissa Franklin



Tom Felice

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