1929 Ford for sale

Cars of the Motor Social – For Sale

Cars of the Motor Social

Did you know that you can post up your car for sale during the Motoro Social at the Showboat Hotel for no additional charge? True story. Other than the standard registration fee you are good to go! As a bonus we’ll post them up on the site here for all to see as well!

This week we have a couple of cars coming your way from Rick Adams out of New Gretna, NJ.

First up is a 1929 Ford 2 door, 454 big block, 671 blower and full tub. $ 37,900.00

1929 Ford for sale






Next up is 1969 Camaro, 427 big block, 871 blower and full tub. $ 39,900.00

1969 Camaro for sale.






Any questions about either of these cars please contact;
Rick Adams

Don’t forget you can see both of these cars up close and personal during the Motor Social at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ – May4th – 6th!

Get your car registered by going to our registration page —> Motor Social Registration – where you can sign up online or download a form to fill out and return. Have your car on the former casino floor! Also, don’t forget to get your hotel room at a special rate, half off the normal price.

Any questions please drop us a line, [email protected]

Thanks and we’ll see you on the floor!

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