Cars of the Motor Social

Cars of the Motor Social – ’31 Ford

Cars of the Motor Social – ’31 Ford owned by Vinny Santomarco of Brooklyn NY.

…and the hits just keep coming!

One look at this ’31 Ford kustom and you’ll see why the Motor Social at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City is shaping up to be one helluva show!

Before we get the pictures for you to drool over, let’s get into some details first!

It’s a 31 Ford, chopped and channeled with a vintage 392 hemi, 4 speed Muncie box, 1957 olds posi rear, 59 Buick fin drums, custom tail lights, custom made double sided white wide whit wall tires, radar rims, orange glass, metal flake paint, 60 style roll and pleated top, zoomie headers, custom made scoop.

Car was purchased about 20 years ago and built into what it is today

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to cruise around in this car or see it in their garage? Go ahead and think about it. . .i’ll wait here for a response.



Good, that’s what I thought. Glad to see y’all are in your right mind and not out eating Tide-Pods.

We’re almost at the pics of this dream machine, don’t worry. But first, it’s time to plug the event! If you want your car featured you need to do 2 things;

  1. Register for the event! It’s easy, just head over to the Motor Social at the Showboat registration page and either do it online or download a registration form
  2. Let us know you want to be featured.

That’s it!

Until next time. . .get out your bibb and prepare to drool…

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