Cars lined up in front of the Showboat Hotel

Motor Social Registration Forms

Motor Social at the Showboat Hotel

It has been our goal to make registering for the Motor Social at the Showboat Hotel easy as possible.

As more cars and vendors start to register there is one problem that has come up, some people just don’t like to do things over the internet. Even if it’s downloading forms to print out.

No worries! Just shoot us a message and we will mail you one out. Hell we’ll even throw in a stamped return envelope for you to send it back! How about them apples?

If you need more than just one for your car club or friends (who doesn’t want to bring a friend?) just let us know and it will be taken care of.

Drop a comment below with your email, or better yet send us an email to [email protected]

In the meantime get ready for our entertainment line-up to be announced and don’t forget to follow our Facebook Event Page;

Motor Social at the Showboat Hotel FB Event

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