rock and roll freakshow

Rock and Roll Freakshow 114

Rock And Roll Freakshow Episode 114

As Promised…Its the Halloweener

Misfits – Halloween Rezurex -Everyday Is Halloween Cold Blue Rebels – Pumpkin King Big Fuckin Skull – Skulls Dont Cry HellDeVilles – Pieces The Coffin Caddies – I Dream Of Jack-O-Lanterns Livends – Hallow’s Eve The Blackrats – Elvira Nim Vind – Fear O Fear Big John Bates – Skin & Guts The Browns – Scream On Halloween Calabrese – Midnight Spookshow Demented Are Go – Bodies In The Basement Company Of Ghosts – Haunted Home Dead Man’s Bones – Dead Man’s Bones Blitzkid – Terror In The Haunted House Koffin Kats – Splatterhouse The Reanimated – Faces Of Death The Brains – Wolfman Ghoultown – My Halloween Rehab For Quitters – Halloween Stellar Corpses – Dead Stars Drive-In The Spookshow – Ghoulsnight Serpenteens – Calling All Monster Kids Samhain – Halloween II

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