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Michigan Barn Find – Double Your Fun

Michigan Barn Find !

What would you do, if you were just sitting around your office and you receive a call about a family wanting to sell off some of their late father’s car collection? Then what would you think when you find out there is not one barn full of cars, but two !

Well thanks to our friends at Fox News we can tell you!

Classic car barn finds are a dime a dozen these days, but what’s a double barn find worth?

Well, not so much a find, but a tip. That’s what the Repocast auction company in Michigan got a few months ago when one of its salesmen got a call out of the blue from a family looking to sell some cars collected over the past 50 years by their father, who had just passed away.

So company COO Scott Miedma and a few of his colleagues went to a Grand Rapids area Denny’s where they met with the family, who wanted to check them out before revealing what they had to offer.

After a short talk, the group headed to a nearby farm (its location still undisclosed,) and the family threw open the doors of a pole barn where dozens of old cars were stuffed in among other items and antiques.

Most of the cars hadn’t been touched, let alone driven, for about 30 years, and Miedma tells Fox News he’d really never seen anything like it. That is until he was shown to a second barn where even more cars were stored.

Yes, while not techincally a barn find, it is still super cool!

By the time you read this I believe all the vehicles have been sold and some for what appears to me to be some really good deals. Especially on those sweet, sweet GMC motorhomes. I think the one auction price I was most surprised by was the 1987 Chevy Silverado which went for $16,250.00 ! That just goes to show the power of the squarebody and how popular they are right now.

Another car I would have liked for myself was the 1977 Lincoln Versailles. Sure it was just a fancy shmancy Granada but how many of them do you see on the road now? I think may are bought just for the Ford 9in rear that came with disc brakes already on them. I had a 1979 Lincoln Versailles back in the 90s and people always wanted the car just for the rear. Oddly enough they didn’t want the mice that lived throughout the car. They were my friends and all of them had names. Don’t judge.

Hit up the link below to take a look at the cars from the auction and see what they sold for. What do you think? Hit us up in the comments and let us know!

Repocast.com – WAYLAND: Classic T-Birds & More – Estate Auction 8/10/16

Pictures courtesy of Repocast.com.

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