Eric Worth 1969 Camaro

Bring It Home – 69 Camaro SS from Louisville,KY

69 Camaro SS Stolen

Well here we are again. Another car show, another classic stolen. This one happened during the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky on August 5th, 2016.

It’s with a very heavy heart that I’m writing this post. What started out as a great weekend trip down south to the NSRA nationals in Louisville Kentucky has now turned into my worst nightmare. Last night in the hotel parking lot, the car I have owned since I was 15yrs old was stollen from me!! I have heard stories on the internet of this happening to people, but never thought it would happen to me!!! This just doesn’t seem real!!😞
8/7/16 Thank you everyone for the out pouring support and FB shares to help find my car! This is truely over whelming!! Just got got back home today and had to tell my kids (5yr & 8yrs) that the Camaro was stollen. Did not go well…. They were completely tore up that they had no camaro to get ice cream in…. Breaks my heart 🙁
I have added some pics of the engine and interior if it helps??

If you were in the area and may have seen something, feel free to contact us or the owner, Eric Worth –

Here are some pics of the 69 Camaro SS –

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  1. Dave Russell August 8, 2016 at 10:14 pm #

    You have my sympathy Eric. The story of my 64 Chevelle is in here as well. I can’t adequately describe the feeling of loss but I bet you know it well. I just got my car to the sweet spot that I was aiming for a week or so before heading to the Goodguys show in Puyallup Wash. The ride down from Vancouver Island was heaven, the car ran that well. Now that it’s gone I don’t know where to go from here. The Police in Puyallup have been great but there isn’t much to go on. I’m going to offer a reward hopefully tomorrow.
    The part of your story that touched home to me was your kids. Mine are grown up but they are still affected by the loss of that car. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through this. I’m sure you are getting lots of support from the car community in your area as I am in this area but the bottom line is……they are gone and we just want them back.

    Sorry friend- Dave Russell

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