davey russell 1964 chevelle ss

Bring It Home – 1964 Chevelle SS

1964 Chevelle SS

It sucks anytime a car is stolen from someone. It sucks even more when that person has worked and given their whole life for that car. This was brought to our attention today on Facebook (facebook.com/deadrodz);

Just found out that last night my dad’s 64 Chevelle SS was stolen after the car show in Puyallup, Washington.

To give anyone an idea of how much this car meant to him; this wasn’t some toy that he bought himself to drive around for fun. He had dreamt of having this car since he was a kid. For decades he worked two jobs to be able to support his family and always put us kids first and never complained. Finally after retiring, saving up the money and searching for years he found his dream project. After many more years of hard work and hard earned money invested he built one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. Only for someone to simply take it from him. To see this happen to the man who I admire most just infuriates me. If they only knew who they were stealing from and what they were taking from him..

Please, if anyone is searching autotrader sites please keep a look out for anything that could be related to this car, including aftermarket parts. If you know anyone in the Washington or Northwest States area please share this with them. I know it’s a long shot but any help is appreciated.

I dont get why people are so fucking cruel. I love you dad.

davey russell 1964 chevelle ss


Anyone who knows anything get in contact with Davey Russell on his FB at https://www.facebook.com/davey.russell otherwise send us a message and we will be sure to pass it along. Hopefully this car is found sooner than later!

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