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Dead Rodz Dollz November Pin Up Contest is Go !

Hurry hurry step right up, the Novemember 2014 Dead Rodz Dollz Pin Up contest is up and running !

Did you hear that? Yes, that was the faint sound in the distance of the starting gun announcing the beginning of our newest contest.


Novemember is the month of giving thanks (hmm, maybe someone should start a holiday based around that?) and which luck gal will be giving thanks to her fans at the end of this month? With 6 contestants, 3 returning and 3 new faces, this should  be an interesting one. Social media played a huge part in October’s contest so it will be interesting to see what happens here.


Spots are already filling up for the December contest, so if you or a gal you know wants in why not drop us a line at deadrodzrevival (@)


Now head on over and go vote for your favorite! Remember, only vote in the poll at the bottom of the page as comments do not count. I’ve made it easier for you and included a link below. Lucky you.

November 2014 Dead Rodz Dollz Pin Up contest.


Best of luck to all the gals !!!

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